Martial Arts for Multiple Sclerosis (MA4MS)

Multiple Sclerosis affects millions of people worldwide. This devastating disease not only affects the body but also the mind. All too often, once someone is diagnosed with MS, they tend to give up and except that they will be in a wheelchair for the rest of their life.
Martial Arts for Multiple Sclerosis (MA4MS), is dedicated to not only helping people affected by MS connect with the qualified Martial Arts instructors that will help them strengthen their bodies and minds but also help these instructors in understanding the obstacles that MS presents in every aspect of life.
With this web site, you can share your stories about how the Martial Arts have impacted your life with Multiple Sclerosis. You can also connect with others that have used Martial Arts training to develop the strength of body and mind that have improved living with the devastating effects of MS.

Please feel free to use our forums to share your stories and ideas on the impact of the Martial Arts on MS.

If you are a school or instructor that wish to help with our mission, please contact us.